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Thankful Thursday -
Things that make you go hmmmmm?

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. It is a privilege to give thanks to the Lord and to host this awesome event in October.

Next month we will meet at Grace Alone. December we will return to Women Taking A Stand.

If you have stopped in to participate in Thankful Thursday, I am so glad you are here. I am hosting this event even as I am on an airplane flying across America to Sneads, Florida for the:


I know many of you wanted to attend but were unable. Well know this ~I have taken you with me. You hold a place in my heart. I hope to share some photos here at S.U.M. on Saturday and Sunday so stop back and get a glimpse of what some of your blogging friends actually look like. I never imagine anyone the way they actually look after knowing them on-line for years. I think that is a good thing... perhaps... I am filled with anticipation and can't wait to see what the Lord has planned. I pray He is honored by every moment of the weekend.


Well this week I am thankful for things that make you go hmmmm.

Like Airplanes: I am not a rocket scientist so just thinking about a 20+ ton airplane floating through the air gives my blond brain a spin.

How about God's unfailing love and grace: Okay, need I say more. Blows my mind to even start to go there.

For a real brain fry: The universe. ~Period. The End. I can't even get started thinking about the vast expanse.

Another One: God has always existed. ~Bzzzzzz, did you just hear the cranium short circuit?

One more to ponder and put you in a twist: 

Quadraic formula

This is an algebra problem from my daughter's 8th grade class. Ahem, good thing Dad helps her with homework. Both of them are brainiacs. ~It's an Quadradic Equation.  Okie dokie... I knew that one.... NOT

And finally, the question of the ages.... Which came first, the chicken or the egg. *grin* (I bet you know)

What is it that makes you go hmmmm and what are you thankful for this week?

Be blessed, Lynn

PS. My friends who are traveling on our Mind of Christ Journey. I have one more piece of the puzzle that is crucial to understand. Stop in tomorrow and I will share a personal story and what I learned about the Lord, His Holy Spirit and what He taught me. Hugs~  

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