God’s Transformation Process – Part 1
Day 6: God is Good

A Most Important Question - Day Five

Tune in on Wednesday, October 7th for our next post in this series by Dineen Miller.

Stop in Thursday because I have a special story to share. It is a genuine true story of a woman who decided to trust God when it didn’t make sense. The ending is unbelievable.

I have a question for you today to write in your journal. We will discuss it further on Friday.

What are you feeding your brain?

Open your journal and get to work. Write the question and then listen to what God is telling you. Come back and share it with everyone.

Also, if you have not read the comments from Friday or Monday, do so now. They are awesome, inspiring and filled with hope in Jesus. You are on a fantastic journey with some pretty amazing people. Take time to encourage one another. Leave a comment here today about what you are experiencing. And, please leave your answer to the question above.

Be Blessed, Lynn


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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Marching Around Jericho is a spiritual guide. As you read through the pages, powerful and transformative instruction and equipping takes place. We follow Jesus as he leads us around the walls, imparting kingdom truths with each passing, finally arriving at the gates of the walled-off city, our spouse’s unbelieving heart. After the circles in prayer are complete, we arrive fully prepared to command the walls to crumble and be removed, making a way for our spouse to step from the rubble of lies and captivity, into faith and freedom!

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