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Thankful Thursday - Collective Prayer Warriors

This month we meet at Women Taking A Stand and I will see you here again for the month of October and November at Grace Alone.

I woke up Monday morning and still was not feeling well. This was day seven. In fact, as I stepped out of the shower my condition instantly worsened.

Standing in my bathroom, realization hit me. This is serious.

I started shaking. I was scared.

Frightened, I telephone my mother. She is always a rational voice. I have been known to overreact about health issues. She soothed my fears but also cautioned me a visit to the emergency room might be necessary. I prayed again, I had been praying purposely now for over 24 hours.

I tried my doctor, couldn’t reach him. I called the ER to find out about admitting procedures. I telephoned my nurse friend, Katie. She also soothed my fears but said if I didn’t feel better soon that she would recommend a hospital.

Oh, help!

Biblehands I hung up the phone and did what I should have done yesterday. I emailed a few of you in our on-line community.

I wrote: Hi My Friends, I have an immediate prayer request. Please, when you receive this could you just pause a second and pray….. I quickly shared my need and asked for prayer.

Within minutes emails began to pop up on my computer. Prayers, words of encouragement, promises to pray, and confirmations of words spoken to the Father for lil’ ol’ me.

I laid down on the couch (with my hankie, Angie) and that very hour my condition improved.


I don’t quite understand why in certain circumstances my praying alone isn't enough for some matters. Sometimes the spiritual realm just needs more warriors speaking words of powerful prayers.

The ER visit was averted and I saw the Doctor on Tuesday who fixed me right up.

I am utterly thankful that I am able and safe to call upon all of you to pray for me. I experienced firsthand the effectiveness and power of collective prayer.

I make this promise to you, if you need prayer; you need only to drop me an email. I will read it and pray immediately. I may be unable to answer your email right away, but I PROMISE, I will speak words in your behalf before the throne. I always have.

Today, I am a humble and thankful woman! Be Blessed, Lynn

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