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Thankful Thursday - Growing Up!

The Physical Connection

AddingZestHeaderLast week I did a post over at Adding Zest, Patty Wysong's site that tastefully deals with the physical side of Christian marriage. And it falls right in line with our explorations of staying connected to our spouses and dealing with conflict. I hope reading "The Physical Connection" blesses you as much as it blessed me writing it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular topic and the four suggestions I make. 

On a side note and along our ongoing theme here at S.U.M., looks like I'm now an official disc golf player! Are you laughing? I know I am but in a good way. My sweet hubby has loaned me one of his bags and several discs. And this past weekend he bought me a lightweight visor and my very first store-bought disc. I never thought I'd wind up on the course by his side, but I'm having fun and even better, so is he! I think I impressed my dad, who's a traditional golfer. He's so pleased I won't be be a "golf widow."

God moves in amazing ways, doesn't he? I'll keep you posted!

Praying and believing,

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