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More Disc Golf Adventures

Photo Well, I mentioned on last week's post that I would be going on a disc golf adventure. We headed out early afternoon with our daughter's poochy, Shasta, to play a course nearby.

In case you're unfamiliar with disc golf, it's just like traditional golf but instead of clubs, you use discs called drivers, midranges, and putters. Each one varies in thickness/thinness and hardness/softness of the plastic. And some of them even have ornate artwork and graphics on them.

Like a golf course, there are holes, or rather, baskets, like the one I'm standing next to in the picture. Most courses are nine, eighteen or twenty-seven baskets (this one is nine) and the goal is to make or brake par on each basket. Usually three to four throws.

Except I, of course, took a whole lot more than that. But my sweet hubby was so patient. He didn't care if it took me twice as many throws to get to the basket as he did. He just kept showing me ways to throw the disc and encouraging me. And we only played about six or seven baskets, because it was so hot.

I'm so amazed. He wants to play again next week, but get an earlier start so we avoid the heat. I can tell it means a lot to him that I'm interested in something he's so passionate about. We had a great day together. That was the best part for me, to spend time together and connect. And the exercise never hurts.

Who knows, maybe I'll actually wind up good at it one day.

Praying and beleiving,

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