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God Wakes Me Up. It's Important

God wakes me up in the middle of the night!

Has God ever awakened you in the middle of the night? Then as you become fully conscious is there someone on your mind? Do you sense that you need to pray for them? On the other hand, perhaps you are awakened and have no idea why you are wide-awake and can't go back to sleep?

This is exactly what happened to my friend Val. In the middle of the darkness, several months ago, Val became wide-awake. On her mind was a young woman who is married to one of the pastors of our church. Val was immediately compelled to pray for her. She held this young woman up before the throne of our King, asking for intervention, and safety.

Val does not remember how long she prayed but recalls praying fervently because the Holy Spirit obligated her.

Several days later Val and her friend had a chance meeting. Val began to tell her friend about how she was awakened to pray for her in the night. Her friend asked, “What night and what time did you begin to pray?” Val told her the approximate time and date. Her friend’s face drained of all color and she stood motionless. She looked at Val and said that was the precise hour she began to experience the beginning of a miscarriage.

At Bible study today, Val told me this story. She said that since that night, she is convicted to pray anytime the Master asks. She will always respond, even in the middle of the night because someone needs God’s involvement.

It is not always clear why we need to pray for others or what our prayers avail. What I do know is that believing prayer is powerful. God often calls his servants to pray at night. Perhaps that is the only time we are truly quiet enough to hear His voice.

God will wake me also in the night. Sometimes I don’t know who to pray for so I just ask, “Okay, God, who am I suppose to be praying for.” I know that one day I will see the result of the quiet prayers, uttered in the darkness. Have you been awakened to pray in the middle of the night? Tell me what God asked of you. Be blessed this Day! Lynn

From the Archives, August, 16, 2006

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