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Eternity's Waiting

Praying As I mention in the weekend devo, Ecclesiates 3:11 became quite significant to me last week. I'll tell you why. I've shared recent posts about "living out loud" and searching for God's will in my marriage, and what that means. What should I say or not say about my faith? Am I living out loud enough?

Well, I took a chance the other day.

I've mentioned before that my sweet hubby is an avid disc golfer. Last week when we were on the way to the airport for an out-of-state tournament, I mustered the courage to tell him I would be praying for him. He didn't say anything at first, then shared that he hoped he would be in my thoughts, too.

To me that goes without saying, and praying is even better. My way of loving on him. I told him this. He replied that he just liked to know he'd be in my thoughts without a third person.

We've talked here before at S.U.M. about how an unbelieving spouse can see Jesus as an intruder. This is an example of that. An unexpected one for me, because I've made it clear to my husband in the past that he came first, before church stuff. And I'd even stay home on a Sunday if he wanted to make plans or just wanted me home. (I think he's asked me to do this maybe twice in the last five years and even then, I had to ask him if he'd like me to stay home when I realized what he was hemming and hawing about).

Yet, here I was faced with that similar reaction. I did my best to reassure him he would definitely dominate my thoughts. In my mind, having someone tell me they were praying for me is a precious gift—one that humbles me. For him, it was a threat. I shared my faith, we conflicted.

Though I can't completely understand his position, I will respect it. I let the subject be. The next day, I shared this with Lynn during our phone conversation. She'll tell you that no sooner had we hung up, I called her right back.

Because it suddenly dawned on me. How can my husband be threatened by something he doesn't even believe in?

Eternity in the hearts of men...

God has set this in all of us, even those that choose not to believe. They can't escape it even though they think they have. God designed us to be his. He designed us with that reality in mind. He designed us with eternity in our hearts.

That includes my sweet husband, and your unbelieving loved one, too. Eternity's there waiting.

Praying and believing,

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