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Weekend Devo — Talk Like the Animals

752763_about_a_dog____and_a_man____ As my daughter and I were driving to the dog park, she told me a cute story. See, one day a while back, her dad had taken her and Shasta, her poochy, to the dog park. She said the most interesting thing happened. The dogs were drawn to my hubby. According to my daughter, they all surrounded him, sniffing and curious, and several even stayed near him while they were there.

This is the part I love. To her this showed God's love. She firmly believes God used those dogs that day to show her dad how much God loves him. And based on how I've seen God use our dog in my daughter's struggles with depression and recovery from brain surgery, I believe it.

I could totally picture this scene, too. These humble beasts standing around my dear hubby, "talking" of God's love with wags of tails and licks of tongues. After all, animals know how to love unconditionally best, don't they?

We serve such an awesome God. How has He made his love known to you in the smallest (and even biggest!) of ways lately? I hope you'll share a story of God's love in action through a special pet or unique circumstances.

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend!
Praying and believing,

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