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Weekend Devo — Puppy Dog Tails

DoggytailI once read a story about an atheist scientist who gazed upon the shell-like elegance of his daughter's ear and was suddenly struck by the beauty of its design and function. In this moment he believed in God because he realized it could only be a manifestation of the Creator's hand. Something so small had a life-changing impact.

Well, I have to say, I had one of those moments the other night. Yes, a puppy dog's tail. We have a beautiful dog (and I say beautiful because she is a treasure inside and out) who is a mix of Lab, Aussie, and a little Pit Bull. From the day we adopted/rescued her, she has blessed us beyond belief. Every time I look at our Shasta, I see God's hand in how she came into our lives and how this sweet and loving animal has ministered to our daughter through the last year. I firmly believe Shasta was part of God's preparation for what Leslie faced through her brain surgeries, treatments, and recovery.

But what struck me the other night was this precious pooch's tail. God designed a dog's tail to wag. To wag! You know right away when a dog is happy to see you, happy to be with you, just happy period. It's a clear signal to us. I don't know about you, but this makes me smile, to see such a happy dog.

God did that. He made dogs to show us their pleasure so we can be pleased by it too. How can you not smile at that wagging, enthusiastic tail beating a circle of delight? Like that scientist, I found myself gazing on the profound hand of God's creation, so full of meaning and purpose.

Yes, a puppy dog's tail.

What moments have struck you like this? What speaks to you of God's love and care in his creation? What "puppy dog's tail" moment are you grateful for?

Praying and believing,


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