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Thankful Thursday - A Mom

I have been working all week on a power point slide show for our church service this weekend. It is Mother’s Day. Next to Christmas and Easter, this is the third biggest weekend for outreach. More “men” come to church on that Sunday than most. They attend with their wives and with their Moms.

On Sunday morning we will celebrate Moms with hilarity as well as a few touching moments. All this focus, of course, has me thinking about my own Mother and about myself and how blessed I am to be a mom.

This Thursday let’s share with one another our hearts about our mothers.

Or, why we are thankful to be a mom and what God is teaching us.

Or, share about a Godly woman in your life who is or has been a Mom to you (Titus 2).

My mother is the foundation of my faith. She never stopped praying for me or believing in me even in my prodigal years. I am certain she wanted to kick my, ahem, bootie back then but she prayed instead.

I love you Mom with a deep and eternal love. I am looking forward to the centuries ahead as we explore heaven laughing, gardening, singing, and loving one another. ~ Lynn

I am looking forward to reading your posts this week. One final thing, during the month of May while I am host of Thankful Thursday, I want to offer you a small computer tip each week. I am married to the King of Computer Geeks *grin.* I say that in love because he knows it’s true and could care less. Kinda proud of that title. Makes him think he’s a lot like Bill Gates *double grin*

My man recommends you shut down your computer completely at least once a day instead of letting it continually run in sleep mode. I do this usually prior to going to bed. A hard shut down helps clear a lot of “junk” that can load onto your machine during use. It slows your system and response time.

Have a blessed Thursday. Hi Iris. Be Blessed, Lynn


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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