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Thankful Thursday - Nature

Do you ever walk out your door and are overwhelmed with creation? For me, spending time in nature draws me closer to God. In the summer months I take my Bible, a hot cup of coffee and my prayer journal and head out to the back yard. I talk with Jesus there. It is my favorite place to meet with Him.

I see the brilliance of the blue sky – I am undone! I look around my small back yard at the garden growing fruits and vegetables and I lift my hands toward heaven and give thanks.

I see the very face of God in His creation and my heart soars.

Our God is a God of great beauty, majesty, wonder and miracles. The earth shouts His glory and so do I.

Share some of your pictures of nature that inspire you to worship. I am looking forward to visiting you this week and I promise I will get around to everyone even if it takes me all week.

God bless you. You bring great honor to the Lord by sharing your thankful heart every Thankful Thursday.

Psalm 121:2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

I took these photos Tuesday morning. My tiny back yard will yield much when it's blessed by the Maker. God bless, Lynn

Garden spring 2009









Hibiscus spring 2009







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I am not sure what happened to Mr. Linky. I cannot access their main website. Please leave your link to your Thankful Thursday post in the comments. I will add it in when Mr. Linky is up and running again. Thanks. 

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