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What Personality was Jesus?

Did you take the personality test? Scroll down and read Friday's post.

On Friday many of us did and I was thrilled to hear from you. I think it was cool that you also figured out the personality of your spouse. Having that knowledge sure can help as we interact with them.

So, what personality was Jesus? Well, he was completely human and yet God, so we would find Christ in the center. He is likely the most balanced human being there ever was. What a relief. That means He “gets” us.

All of us!

I know many of you have taken personality quizzes before. Here are some of the examples:

Lion is also Choleric, red, Type A

Otter is also Sanguine, yellow, type B

Beaver is also Phlegmatic, blue and type C

Golden Retriever is Melancholic, green and type D

What I want to point out now is that your personality traits contribute to who you are. But, you can override some of the negative traits and change through the power of Jesus. I am exhibit A of this truth. Let me explain.

Lionroar Ten years ago, I was a rigid, Type A, banking executive. I was responsible for a large staff of multiple branches, a giant commercial loan portfolio, and a hefty client list of whom almost all were men. Okay, so my Type A personality probably was helpful to make decisions and accomplish goals. But I sure was rigid and probably a pain to get along with. However, God in His infinite wisdom decided to teach me about REAL living.

He picked me up and moved me to California. I became a stay-at-home mom and wife. He then took me further to become a friend to women. I now serve in Women’s ministry at church and I serve many women through Spiritually Unequal Marriage. (Guys too)

Can I tell you how much- way--- out of my comfort zone and life experience this was for me. But, I learned to move from my demanding, type A, personality, to a friend who didn’t need to be in control or make all the decisions.

I am telling you…. It was an EXTREME personality makeover.

The success of this makeover was confirmed to me as I sat in the church staff meeting last week. As I told the staff members that I am a “WAY RED” personality, the response was. “Wow, Lynn you must really hide that because I just don’t see it in you.” I am deeply thankful the Lord loves me so much that He will not leave me unchanged. Still, you should know I am a giant work-in-progress.

I am sharing this story to encourage you. God desires to re-craft us in the image of Jesus. Jesus is at the center of the personality scale and He is moving us in that direction as well.

Today I understand and appreciate so much about other personalities. More than I ever did.

What I find humorous about personalities is God gave me a husband who is a Type C. (Do water and oil mix?) What a hoot. God works through the different characteristic of my man to accomplish many purposes. Such as, humility, understanding, and an appreciation to see things from a different perspective and but mostly I have gained patience!!

How is God working through the different personalities with whom you live and work, Is He using them to perfect a good work in you?

Notice different personalities in your life this week at home, at work, and at church. It will soften your heart and grow your love, even your love for the un-lovely in our lives.

Have a great week. Be Blessed, Lynn

PS. Dineen is a Golden Retriever/ Beaver. No wonder we work so well together and complement each other. Hugs…

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