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The Social Dynamics of Uniquely Yoked!

I woke on Sunday morning with an old Hymn on my lips. Literally, I awoke singing…. He arose. He arose. Hallelujah, Christ arose…

How does that happen?

I mean it was really cool. But how on Easter morning do I wake with an old hymn in my soul? Hmmmm I don’t think I have heard that hymn for over 20 years. Aren't you facinated with how the spirit world works?

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The Donovan Clan had a busy weekend. What was interesting to me is how the social thing plays out in an unequally yoked marriage.

On Saturday we spent time with some friends from the neighborhood. Sunday afternoon we visited our new friends from our Church life group and later that day, we stopped at the home of friends from the neighborhood.

Some were believers, some were not. We had a great time but it was interesting to watch the different dynamics and how my husband and I interact with one another and the social dynamics of the crowd. 

So, this has led me to ask; How do we handle social events when we are married to an unbeliever?

This is an area which is difficult to navigate. What happens when our spouse wants to head to the bar for the afternoon and wants us to go? Is this necessarily bad? What happens when we ask our spouse to attend a “church” function in which they are not comfortable? How do we navigate this very real and challenging area of social obligation? How do we balance our need for social activity?

What are your thoughts? Share with me a situation where you had to navigate a challenging social event. What did you do?

Have a blessed week, Lynn

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