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Thankful Thursday - God Broke My Heart

Wow, another week has passed by and it forgot to take me with it… (thanks Patsy Clairmont) …and here we are again to give thanks to our Lord for the great gifts we have.

Over the weekend the Donovan Clan watched the critically acclaimed movie, Slumdog Millionaire. I was moved to tears. It is harsh to watch but it’s reality.

I turned off the television and gave thanks to God for the missionaries from Sunridge Community Church, and the mission team leaders, Simon and Kimette Reeves. The Reeves’ heart broke several years ago over the horrendous conditions of orphans in India.

Out of that broken heart was born, India’s KidsIndiaskids A mission that supports two orphanages that help feed, shelter and educate the children at Jacobs Well Children’s Home and Mercy Children’s Home in Manipur, India. They will be traveling there in July to expand the orphanage and save a few more children.

Watch the movie and pray. I did! Now I wish I was going to travel with the team this summer. You can bet I will be praying up a storm over them come July.

One person CAN make a difference in this world. It may be only one person’s world but it can be changed forever none-the-less. I am thankful God calls each of us to one area where our heart breaks. I am thankful the Lord compels us to make life on earth a little better for someone else.

God broke my heart for anyone living in an unequally yoked marriage. I am deeply thankful that He did.

What is God breaking your heart over this Thankful Thursday? Be blessed, Lynn

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