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Thankful Thursday - Another Front Row Seat

Today was a day of change. I watched as a portion of the Bible was lived out before my very eyes... in living color. (Titus 2)

Today I stepped down from leading my small group Bible study for our last six-week segment. Taking my place is a brand new leader, Heidi. She is a younger woman and loves Jesus. It is now her turn to step out in faith and begin to teach others.

I never thought of myself as a woman who would lead or disciple a younger woman. Who knew?

God did and in His wisdom He placed Heidi and I together for this very purpose…..And it is wonderful to move aside and watch the Lord shine His light upon a young woman who was scared and nervous today but oh, so willing to lead because she loves Jesus. The gals in the study loved her.

I am thankful the Lord allowed me to see His word in action and deeply humbled He allowed me to be part of His plan. (I love having a Front Row Seat)

The funny thing is…. I think it's me, who still needs years of shepherding…. I hang on every word and soak up every minute I have to talk with an older Christian woman. I am richer for it and profoundly blessed.

God is so good. His ways are always the best and His Word proves to be fulfilling, joy-filled and absolutely true, day-in, day-out! Hallelujah!

What are you thankful for today? Find more at Women Taking A Stand with Laurie.

Be Blessed, Lynn

Also, meet me here Friday as we are going to take a short personality test. You are going to find out more about yourself, your spouse and others. Then we will discover together how that knowledge can help you thrive in your marriage, your relationships with your kids as well as how to match people together in service at church or in the workplace. Stay tuned.

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