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Thankful Thursday

I just listened to the recording of my talk from the conference last week. All I can say is --I sound weird. No, I actually sound like my sister. Have you ever noticed that you never sound like what you “think” you should sound like?

One thing I know for sure, I would definitely use a mic and headphones next time. It was difficult to hear and the sound quality wasn’t as good as those who used the headset. So, for all of you who stayed tuned in to listen through the entire thing. A BIG thank you.

I am so thankful I had a chance to share my story.

I am so thankful God selected me for the privilege of marriage.

I am so thankful my husband is great with computers. He is going to completely rebuild mine this weekend while I am out of town.

Which leads me to…. I am thankful to be traveling with 85 middle school kids to Las Vegas for a band competition….. I think….

The Lord is good indeed.

I am a thankful and humble servant. For more Thankful Thursday, Visit Laurie at Women Taking a Stand. Be Blessed, Lynn

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