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Herding cats = Middle School Band

Good Monday Morning to Everyone:

This post is a departure from the norm. But, I just had to share some fun moments from the Donovan Clan.

Over the weekend I was one of about 14 adults who chaperoned my teen-daughter’s middle school band competition. We traveled with about 80 students, five hours by bus from California to Las Vegas.

Oi Veh!

Have you heard the expression…. Herding cats?


From the minute we arrived, our weekend was a non-stop, action-packed, thrillride……literally.

We caught the live show, Tournament of Kings, a mid-evil tournament where you eat with your hands - nothing new to middle schoolers, we pounded on the tables and cheered for our favorite Knight in shinning armor. Ours was Spain.

On Saturday the kids were brilliant with their performance and took home top honors over all the bands in the festival. Later we spent hours at an amusement park…. Now I really am a dizzy blonde…( I loved the disk ride.)

Side Note: I played laser tag for the very first time. What a hoot. My son and daughter were both after me the entire time. Sheesh, so much for family loyalty. Gang, I still have a few firsts in me. So I am now pondering skydiving….. hmmmmmm

The band Director, Mr. H., is one of the best directors this side of the Mississippi and ranks up there with Mr. Holland. The kids adore him... Did I say adore?? They love him and respect him immensely. So do I.

The other parents were awesome and fun and funny and so patient. They were patient with their herd of cats… So, after trying to keep up with 80 middle school kids we are all tired. By the way, the kids are tired too but oh, so happy.


So Congratulations, Temecula Middle School Bobcat Band. You ROCK!

Imported Photos 00000

Love the hall monitor, Mrs. Donovan...

Oh, and read Christine Fonseca's take on the cat hearding at her blog, Musings of Christine Fonseca.

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