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Do You Have Personality?

I was invited to attend at church staff meeting this week. During the meeting we took a personality test. I found the test to be quite revealing and actually immensely helpful. When you understand how your spouse, church volunteer, or co-worker operates, you can work together with increased effectiveness. I was fascinated while listening to our Missions Pastor talk about how she purposely forms missions teams based upon their personalities. She consciously matches complementary personalities to room together and canvas together. The teams are highly effective.

The personality test I want you to take is based on a book written by Gary Smalley. I found it already in a PDF form, on-line. So, click on the link below take the test. Then come back. It is short. I promise.

Personality Test

Now this is where I just crack up... Think of the four personality styles in terms of their use of an instruction booklet:

  • The Lion discards the booklet altogether.
  • The Otter can't even find the handbook (and wouldn't read it anyway)!
  • The Golden Retriever reads the handbook from cover to cover.
  • The beaver probably wrote detailed additions to the booklet and corrected any mistakes.

Okay, So what personality are you? What personality is your spouse?

What personality am I? Can you guess? What about Dineen? What was Jesus?

We have all been uniquely created by God with a personality all our own. We can strive to do what we do best using the talents and temperaments God has given us. We should also strive, with love and understanding, to accept others for the way they are, first identifying their personality styles and then recognizing their needs. We can all work together if we are willing to accept our own limitations and utilize other people's strengths.This is especially true in our marriages.

We also must be willing to recognize that all personality styles have a downside. No one personality style is the best, even thought we may relate best with those most like us. God created us uniquely to be used as a body, functioning in harmony.


Be Blessed

In the near future: I am currently preparing for a new series that Spiritually Unequal Marriage has yet to tackle. I am waiting for some research material to arrive by mail. As soon as it is here, we will get started. I hope next week.

Give this test to your husband. See how you are alike and where you are likely to have clashes. If you want to know what personality your small children are, buy the book and read it with them. They cheer for the animal that matches their personality. God Bless.

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