Fireproof, the Movie
Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

Thankful Thursday - A Humble Lynn

Today I have been deeply touched by the men and women of 1Peter3Living. This group of believers continually inspire me and push me to grow in my faith. Beginning Monday, 1Peter3Living will start the 40 day, Love Dare, inspired by the movie Fireproof.

Watching this movie was very difficult for me. It stirred up some of those emotions I hold at a distance with regard to my husband coming to faith. However, it also challenged me to actually live the Love Dare, so I am now very anxious to take the dare. If this is not living out our faith before our unbelieving spouse, I don't know what is.

If you want to walk this road with us over the next 40 days and improve your marriage, join us at 1Peter3Living.


On Sunday when I discovered Spiritually Unequal Marriage was recognized as a blog that served His Kingdom at Christian Women On-line, the Cafe', I prayed, "Thank you Jesus."

I say it again today on this Thankful Thursday. Thank you Jesus and thank you, my friends in Christ, who stop here to share your wisdom, encouragement, and prayers. Your time and investment in my life is a debt I can never repay. I pray I am able to invest in you and your eternity. It is a humble privilege to do so.

Happy Thursday. Be Blessed, Lynn

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