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Girls, sorry men - I know you're out there, but this post is just for us gals. The most fantastical and neat opportunity to be inspired by women who love Jesus is just around the corner.

A Woman Inspired, Christian Women's Conference...

This is an online conference. Perfect since so many of us are strained by the current economic crisis. You don't have to leave your home.

April 6th through the 10th, A Woman Inspired, Conference.

Speakers for this event include:

Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries
Darlene Schacht from Christian Women Online Magazine
Janice Croze from Five Minutes for Mom
Allison Worthington from Blissfully Domestic
Lisa McKay from The Preacher's Wife
Sheila Wray Gregoire from To Love, Honor and Vacuum
Tsh Oxenreider form Simple Mom.net
Shelly Ballestero from Beauty By God
Alllison Bottke from Boomer Babes Rock
Cindy Beal from Cindy Beall.com
Natalie Witcher from Stiletto Army
Mellisa Michaels from The Inspired Room
Ginger Moore from Speaking Thru Me Ministries
Amy Bayliss from In Pursuit of Proverbs 31
Lynn Donovan from Spiritually Unequal Marriage
Marybeth Whalen from Chaper fy the Half Dozen

Join me on April 9th at 11:30 CST for a live, online version of A Front Row Seat.

Session: A Front Row Seat: Have you every prayed over the yellow pages? In this session Lynn shares her real-life adventures of traveling with God through the tumultuous years of her early marriage to an unbeliever to the day she prayed over the yellow pages and God showed up. Whether you are married to a believer or unbeliever, be ready to see your uniquely yoked marriage with new eyes.


This is a story from the Chronicles of the Donovan Clan. This encounter is perhaps the most fantastic story yet of God and His presence in our lives. I have not shared this with you yet here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage. It seems God choose this moment and this venue. This encounter is truly the most outlandish, humorous and incredible moment Chronicled out of the Donovan Clan. 

I hope you can attend. It promises to be one of the best conferences ever. Be Blessed, Lynn

PS. Next week I will be giving away a couple of free admissions to the conference. Hugs~


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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Lynn has wonderfully mapped out the steps we all need to walk through to develop and grow this vital relationship with Him. This was the Lord’s intent for her transformation journey all along, and His intent for you too. Here she has spelled out the spiritual truths behind the principles and talked us through how she applied them. These truths are universally applicable to us all, though as the details of our lives, situations and hearts will be different, we will apply them differently. - Reader Review from Barnes & Noble.

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