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Relentless, Unforgiving, Pursuit!
The Aggressor, my 13 year old Daughter.

Good Morning Everyone, I am running a tad behind this stormy Monday morning, so I am posting late. But as I read my Bible this morning, I was deeply impressed with a message that seemed to be written in the Holy Book for just me.

As I thought about it, I bet some of you could use this message as well.

Let me set the stage:

I have been under siege.

Relentless, unforgiving, pursuit! The aggressor, my 13 year old daughter. Sheesh.

This kid must be a Type-A, plus some. Her teenaged-brain has locked on the smallest sentence I regrettably uttered months ago. I said, “It would be fun to have another pet.”

Doomed, doomed. I tell you.

Why oh, why did those words escape my lips?

Since that unfortunate slip of the tongue, I have heard about every kind of animal which could live inside a home and several that can’t. “Mom, please, please, please can we get another dog?” I remind her that we have a neurotic mutt already, Peanut. He is cute but doesn’t get along with other dogs so well. Another dog would be a disaster.

“Mom, how about a cat?

“No, our neighbor’s cat gets in our house enough as it is. Can’t you just enjoy her?”

Mom, a Gecko? Please, Mom, they’re not much work?


“A Guinea Pig”




The list is long and weary. And monthly it repeats itself.

Take a look at this. It was taped to my computer screen this morning.

 Imported Photos 00001

A Calico cat. It says, “Awwwwwwwww, Aren’t they so cute and you said Calicos are ugly.” I didn’t. Now get this last part. “PS. This isn’t me asking, I’m just saying they are cute because you said they weren’t.”

This isn’t asking….. wink, wink.

Okay, I have to hand it to my daughter, she is rather creative. And, I am feeling worn-down. Add to this the fact that my sweet darling husband is at home with me now 24/7, while job searching, and I am feeling the pressure of constant barrage on my time and psyche.

With this said, I read in the Word this morning: Mark 1:45 ….As a result, large crowds soon surrounded Jesus, and he couldn’t publicly enter a town anywhere. He had to stay out in the secluded places, but people from everywhere kept coming to him.

Jesus was besieged. He was surrounded and everyone wanted some piece of Him. Yet, he remained filled with compassion. He remained with the crowds with the exception to pray in the wilderness.

This morning was my time alone with Jesus in the wilderness. Okay, the couch in the family room. But I spent time alone and was filled. Today, I can smile at my sweet but unrelenting daughter and say, “No.” I will hug my man and encourage him to keep looking.

Jesus looked upon the crowds and felt deep compassion. I pray the Lord also puts this compassion for people in me. Compassion like Christ. That is what changes the world one person at a time.

I pray your week is filled with compassion and time alone with the Savior. Have a blessed day. Lynn

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