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Poster This past weekend I finally had a chance to watch this movie. I told my sweet hubby about it, but he didn't seem interested, which was fine. I really didn't expect him to be. I just knew I wanted to watch this movie.

Fireproof is a powerful story. And I do mean powerful. As a writer, I'm pretty picky about how well stories hold together. Let me tell you, this one held together fantastically. Though this is obviously not a big budget film with all the bells and whistles to give it that super polished feel, the movie is well done and the acting for the most part is good.

Kirk Cameron does a very convincing job playing the role of a worldly husband. By worldly, I mean Caleb Holt works hard as firefighter and thinks he should be appreciated for it. Mainly by his wife, Catherine (played by Erin Bethea), who also works full time and feels she's being asked to do more than her fair share in the marriage.

At the start of the movie you're introduced to a couple married seven years  who are more like strangers than companions. They don't communicate and fail miserably when they try. They don't even share a room anymore. This is a marriage truly on its last legs. Divorce is already in the near future.

The emotional aspects of this film are dead on. At one point, Caleb's turn around is so profound, you can't help but cry with him. Very startling in its impact, in fact. Yet even then, their marriage hangs on a thread so thin, you can barely see it. I love this, because it's realistic. Even in Caleb's most profound admission to his wife, she still holds back, wanting more proof that her husband is truly a changed man. I found this very realistic.

The final clincher which brings his wife, Catherine, around brought me to tears as well. If I'd imagined myself in such a place, my reaction would be exactly as portrayed in the film. Caleb's act of kindness showed he'd figured out his wife's love language. And speaking from experience, when a spouse does this, nothing reaches the heart more deeply.

Watching this film brought front and center that familiar ache we as unequally yoked live with constantly. That yearning to connect with our spouses on a deep spiritual level. I will admit, this was initially painful, but in its place came a renewal of my determination to pray for my husband and believe.

You may not be able to watch this movie with your unbelieving spouse. The Christian message is very overt in that Caleb's father witnesses to his son throughout the movie. But I do recommend this film to anyone who wants to see what can happen when one partner takes the step to love unconditionally. This is a movie of hope, strength, integrity, and a shining example that anything is possible through Christ.

Watch and enjoy, then hope and believe.

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