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Who Do You Want to Come to Faith in 2009?

It's a new year.... a new beginning.

The Lord has granted each of us another 12 months. Every January excitement exudes from my spirit. I am expectant about what the year will bring. Every year the Lord is faithful to change me. He molds my character through challenges, struggles, and opportunities to watch Him work in my life. The journey is always an adventure and never boring.Thumbnail

To start the year differently Dineen and I, along with the gang at 1Peter3Living, will corporately fast and pray for a week. Beginning Sunday, January 4th we plan to fast the evening meal or at least one meal a day and use that time for concentrated prayer for our future, for our spouses, and others who are in need of Jesus in their lives. We will fast at least one meal each day through Friday, January 9th.

Join us.

If you have never fasted in prayer before, this will be the perfect time to begin. If you don't know much about fasting, we will search the scriptures together and discover why Jesus fasted and why fasting is relevant today. If you have fasted before then you know the power behind prayer with fasting. Join us  - beginners and lifers. We will pray down heaven and claim 2009 the year of the Lord's salvation in the lives of many.

Thumbnail Beginning Sunday, and each day for a week Dineen and I will be posting about prayer and fasting. We hope to encourage you with teaching, scripture, and prayer specifics for our spouses.

Let's seek the Lord's will through this remarkable effort. We will encounter His strength in our weakness, learn in humility, and discover our dependence on the Most High as we sacrifice some of our physical comfort.  

Who do you know that desperately need Jesus? Do you need a miracle in your own life? This is your invitation to a new beginning and your chance to claim 2009 as the year of the miraculous!

See you Sunday, Be Blessed, Lynn

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