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Thankful Thursday - It's A Girl!

I can't begin to thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers for my husband's salvation and his search for new employment. Overwhelmed, just doesn't cover it.

Imported Photos 00001 But today I want to share another special person with you. I rarely talk about her because my writing focus is marriage relationships but she is a gift from God, my daughter, Caitie.

She is thirteen going on twenty-eight, if you know what I mean and she has got the "Mom, I can't believe you said that" eye-roll down to an art form. But, she is a delight to my world. And a princess to her Daddy.

My daughter plays the flute in her Middle School band. This past week she moved up to second chair-flutist. She is now planning to tackle the number one chair, Annie, who has managed to cling to that spot the entire year. She plays beautifully and we make a wonderful piano-flute duet when playing Silent Night. Yum, wonderful memories.

Somehow she has caught this strange bug. A writing bug. It must be a contagion in our water around here. She has already prepared several chapters of her first fiction novel, AngoImported Photos 00008ra, and is sharing it around school with her friends.

I know..... She did not get it from me.

Although I am proud of her accomplishments, what I adore about her is - simply her. She is kind-hearted, funny, witty, and just so much fun to hang out with. We laugh together until I get the eye-ball roll. Then I just laugh louder. We hug and care for each other, comforting and encouraging, with a smile when the other needs it. She helps around the house and is a good student and citizen. She loves Jesus.

I do not deserve this kind of blessing and I know the mean-teen years are still ahead, but I am delighted the Lord sent this child into my life. She will always be my forever friend and beloved daughter.

Love you girl. Your Mom.

Be blessed, Lynn

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