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By: Pastor, Rick Warren

Searching for Satisfaction

Where do you look to satisfy your emotional longing for affirmation, love and acceptance? We’re told that nature abhors a vacuum. Our human nature hates emptiness. So, what do you do?

If your day goes well and your husband tells you he loves you and your children are obedient; great.

But what if… the car won’t start or your child’s teacher calls to inform you about his disruptive behavior or your husband insists he doesn’t want to hear about the sermon you know he needs to hear?

When the people in your life aren’t meeting your expectations and you feel emotionally empty; what do you do?What is your preference?

·         Food

·         Shopping

·         Romance novels

·         Keeping a perfect home

·         Accumulating material possessions

·         Social status

·         Career

Do you place high expectations on your husband, children or friends to meet your needs? But is it really fair to expect other people and things to fill your emotional void?

People and things can satisfy for a time. Choosing to eat a bag of chips may provide immediate pleasure until you realize how many calories you consumed. The new house is great until you see how your neighbors have decorated their home.

Earthly satisfaction can provide only temporary relief.

Let me tell you a secret that I had to learn the hard way. Only the Lord can satisfy that deep need within you that wants to be loved and cherished. No person or possession can ever fully meet that need. And it’s actually unfair to expect them to do so. I believe God created us with a hole or vacuum that… only He can fill.


May I suggest that you begin each morning in a quiet time?  Spend time with the Lord; reading His Word, praying and listening. Think of an empty coffee mug that you’re holding out. Ask Him to fill you to overflowing with His love. Ask Him to satisfy your thirst as only He can do. He will provide contentment. I love to read the Psalms aloud and substitute my name.

When I begin my day with a quiet time, I find that I’m less dependent on others to affirm me. If things go well in my day and my loved ones say the right words, that’s great but I’m not so needy. It is simply overflow.

Now it’s your turn…

·         How do satisfy your emotions?

·         What’s worked for you?

·         Do you have any of your own suggestions that might help other women?


Debbie Petras is our guest blogger today. She is a Christian and has been married to her husband Greg for 24 years.  She has more than 20 years of experience as a cardiovascular nurse specialist. Her interest in this field began when she had open heart surgery as a child to correct a congenital heart defect. More recently, she has changed directions to learn all about consumer generated media and the power of word of mouth to help with a startup technology company.  In the process, she discovered blogging and has a personal blog called Heart Choices.

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