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Marriage Monday
The Surprise of Christian Marriage

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Welcome to Marriage Monday. I am excited to host this event this month. Thanks e-Mom for this opportunity.

I love to write about marriage. This thing between a man and a woman is brilliant. God created this union that we might understand the depth of committed love, experience authentic selflessness, the richness of unconditional love and acceptance.

Our God is brilliant...and..... He has a sense of humor. He will often surprise us. My years of marriage have been anything but ordinary. I could write so much about my silly expectations as a young bride and how God changed those expectations and gave me so much more than I could dream or even hope. Isn't that just like our Lord?

But today I will share a short story about my marriage today.

Could the House Burn Down?

In two months my husband and I will celebrate 17 years together. Living these 6,205 days with my man, I have learned a few things.

A subtle shift of his shoulder. I watch from across the room. I know he is thinking it is time to leave the party.

I peek around the corner to see him sitting at his desk in the home office. His foot is in full motion with the nervous shake. (He's an engineer) I know he is not impatient with something but is in deep thought, puzzling through some important issue at hand.

The house could be burning down around him or the President of the United States could be out at the curb waiting for my man in the limo but.... My guy will not leave the house without first finishing his morning grooming routine. Side note: Don't even try to rush him. IT DOESN'T"T WORK.

I know this man so well I could finish his sentences. I know his expressions, his touch, his face, his love. I know this man and he knows me.

I thought this familiarity and mundane years of marriage would signal our love had cooled and boredom was our future.

Well, color me surprised!

The opposite is true. It thrills my heart to know I can complete his sentences. It makes me smile to know I will watch him get ready in the morning and nothing this side of heaven will cause him to rush. I love it that when I mutter in the night he checks to see if I need water and will get up to get it. There are a million and one little things I know about this man.  I treasure each and every one.

This is intimacy. This is love so deep and thorough that is transcends my ability to describe.

As the years pass, I am anxious to know him more as he discovers Jesus as his Savior. Our love grows and our life is rich. Not boring in the least. It grows more exciting with each passing year.

Thank you Lord for this privilege of a seemingly mundane marriage. Next to my salvation, my husband is the best thing you have gifted me. Amen.

What has surprised you about your marriage? I can't wait to read your story. Leave a link and take a minute to read a few other stories today. Be Blessed, Lynn

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