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Wow, Thanksgiving has past. I hope your day was filled up to running over with joy, grace, and a couple of naps. We have so much to talk about today.

First, over the last week several more stories arrived from our Kingdom Assignment. I tear up over each one. These are fantastic accounts of ordinary people committing a dollar to our Great Big God and the extraordinary results. Find the stories on the Kingdom Page in the sidebar. Thank you again everyone who has written so far. In addition, I am still receiving requests and mailing out assignments. God wants to touch a few more hearts. I can't wait to see what He does in our lives this week.


Today is Marriage Monday. Our topic, The Sanctuary of Christian Marriage. Ooooo, this topic brings several thoughts to my mind. I know it can also stir up frustration because our marriage is not a safe harbor for our faith. Let's take a look.Marriage-Monday-Small

Before we do, I want to remind you we will answer the tough questions from last week, Is Your Marriage an Idol? (Read the questions here) Tune in Friday. You will be pushed to think hard about your marriage relationship checking to see if there is an idol lurking in the dark corners of your heart, or perhaps even a martyr???

Sanctuary: A place of refuge

Human beings are desperate to have a place of refuge. We crave a place a person with whom we can be ourselves --our authentic self. And we want to know another human intimately. Trust, friendship, love, commitment. Sharing these emotional bonds with our spouse fills our lives with peace and contentment.

This is marriage designed by our Lord. I am overwhelmed time and again when I think about God's design for marriage and family. He is BRILLIANT! God places us into this most intimate relationship to teach us about ourselves, our spouse and especially about Him. I am a living testament to the fact that marriage is one of God's greatest character development tools.

My marriage has given me the practice grounds to learn trust. Many sharp edges in my temperament are now smooth from the filing through give-and-take within our relationship. God continues to teach me about authentic friendship, love without condition and life-long commitment through my unbelieving spouse.

Our marriage experienced its rocky years. Both my husband and I are strong willed people. God knew what He was doing. I needed a man who would completely discombobulate my life so that Jesus could rebuild it.

Today, our marriage is a soft spot to land. For me. For my husband.

It's a safe harbor because Jesus lives in me.

Have an awesome week. Be Blessed, Lynn

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