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I am creating this post in a new Word Blogger tool so if it looks weird, bear with me.

Last week, I received in the mail, a book from my friend Dee. I am so glad she sent it. Thank you Dee!

The book is, I Dared to Call Him Father by Bilquis Sheikh. This is a miraculous story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God.

I read the entire book, cover to cover, yesterday. In a single day, I tell you. It was THAT good.

I encourage you to buy, read and re-read this book if you struggle living in the glorious presence of Jesus 24/7. I know that I struggle but after reading this book, it is my life's goal to live every moment in the glory of the Lord and the secret is absolute obedience.

My life verse: John 15:5b apart from me you can do nothing.

One thing jumped out at me during my reading. It was as if the type lifted from the page and spoke directly to my heart. I think every man or woman living in an unequally yoked marriage will understand, let me share.

In the book, Bilquis approaches the Lord with frustration.

Page 115. "It seems so pointless, Lord," I said. "Am I doing what You want? Why is it Lord." I said raising my hands in supplication, "that not one single time have I been able to see the results of talking about you?" There was the Englishman, and the general, and all the servants, and the hundreds of times I talked with my family and friends -- not one of these times bore visible fruit. "It's so puzzling, Lord! I just don't understand why You aren't using me."

As I prayed the sensation of Christ's Presence grew ever stronger in that room. He seemed to fill the atmosphere with strength and comfort. I heard in my heart the distinct suggestion, "Bilquis, I have only one question to ask you. Think back over those times when you have talked with your friends and with your family. Think back over the times you have accepted people who have come to argue. Have you felt My Presence during those visits?"

"Yes, Lord. Yes, indeed I have."

"My glory was there?"

"Yes, Lord."

"Then that's all you need. It is so often this way with friends. And family. The results are not your problem. All you have to worry about is obedience. Seek My Presence, not results."


Oh, I pray you see this parallel in our marriages. We may not, probably will not, see the results we desperately want to see. We may never see our prayers answered as we hope. However, if we are obedient, we are living in the glory of Almighty God. Our spouses salvation is not our problem.

WHAT GLORIOUS FREEDOM for all of us living unequally yoked. I don't know about you but I am going to my knees now to pray and thank Him for His presence. I will live this week and the next and the next, thanking Him that my husband's salvation is in His capable hands.

Have a blessed and beautiful week in the presence of God Almighty, Lynn

93247: I Dared to Call Him Father, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman"s Encounter with God I Dared to Call Him Father, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Woman's Encounter with God
By Bilquis Lohse
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