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Thankful Thursday - A Win for Marriage

I love being married.

I have written and supported biblical marriage here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for two and a half years. I believe in marriage. The union of marriage is the most intimate of relationships next to our relationship with Jesus.

Christ, Himself, demonstrates the value of the marriage relationship as he calls the church His Bride.

It is within this life-long commitment that we develop Godly attributes such as selflessness and humility. We uncover what it means to love our spouse with our whole heart including warts, farts, bad breath, and love handles. We conceive and raise kids to know the God of the Universe and to pass on a legacy of hope in the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for marriage. I am thankful that yesterday in my home state of California, Proposition 8, defining marriage between a man and a woman passed. It narrowly passed but IT PASSED!

Marriage and family as we have know it to be for millennia is destined for challenge again and again in the future until the battle weary can no longer muster the votes to defend it. But...

For today, Marriage Wins! We Win! Our Kids Win!

God Reigns!

I am thankful..... so very thankful. Be Blessed, Lynn

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