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Thankful Thursday

This week prior to Thanksgiving, I am deeply thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for so much.

Bible study concluded for this year today. Tears of happiness and friendship were part of our morning. I will miss these ladies I have come to love over the past 10 weeks. Girls, next up…. Beth Moore, Esther, It's Tough Being A Woman. Study begins January 14th. Can't wait.

I am thankful for Laced With Grace and the wisdom and inspiration I receive daily.

I am thankful for Laurel, Iris and Angie. My bloggity friends who are always standing near and ready to pray for me.

I thank the Lord Jesus for His overwhelming presence in my life. Nothing, I mean nothing, is more important than knowing God is walking with me every day. I wouldn't trade His presence for anything.

I am thankful my Mom and Son will be arriving on Monday. We have a ton of fun planned. Tie-die shirts, tumble weed snowmen, turkey dinner, pumpkin seed making, laughing, loving and a week of wonderful family time. My daughter is excited beyond words… SO AM I.

I am thankful for 1P3. These men and women inspire me daily in my unequally yoked marriage. I hope to post tomorrow about our current topic of conversation. What a great group of believers.

The Kingdom Assignment has been something so amazing; I can't begin to thank the Lord enough. You must take a minute to read some of fantastic stories of God at work in the lives of bloggers you know. See the sidebar

I am deeply thankful for my weekly prayer partners, Noreen, Patricia, Amy, and Dineen. Hugs~

I am thankful for my husband. I love him very much.

Also, I can't forget. Happy Birthday Denise at Shortybears Place. I love you girl

I want you to know that tomorrow morning, I will bring each of you, my Thankful Thursday gals, before the Lord by name. I will offer your names to Him as a fragrant friendship that you have shown me. I love you.

I also will be posting on Monday in Heather's "Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving 08." Dineen will be on Tuesday. Then we will rest for the week to honor the Lord with our hearts. We will see you again, December 1st.

Be Blessed, Lynn

For more Thankful Thursday blessings, visit Iris at Grace Alone.


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