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Is Your Marriage an Idol?

We tackled several questions of great magnitude yesterday at 1Peter3Living. Here they are:

Dee: I'm thinking as I type & I have a couple of questions.....perhaps you can help me...

Recently, a lady shared (this is not verbatim & this lady is not from 1P3), that she prays she will not make her unequally yoked marriage into an idol. My first thought and question is what does that exactly mean? I have an idea of what that means, but can someone clearly define this for me? This topic is a bit fuzzy to me and a clear definition and or examples would be helpful.

Also, do you think that there is a fine line here? How do you know when you've crossed the line from ________ (fill in the blank please) to making the spiritual status of your marriage into an idol?

Last question, this may be difficult to answer and forgive me if I am getting too personal; if you are willing to share, have you ever made your unequally yoked marriage into an idol? When did you come to that realization?

Great questions Dee. Thank you. Okay, so let's hear your thoughts. I wonder if these questions would apply to all Christian marriages. I plan to follow up this conversation on Monday, December 1st. I am sure you have some excellent and wise thoughts and I have a few stories to tell.

Also …. I have another story for the Chronicles of the Donovan Clan…. This is a good one…

Dineen and I will be participating in Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving event next week. Hope to see you over there.

On this Thanksgiving, Dineen and I offer a prayer of thanks to Jesus because He has brought you into our lives. Your desire to serve The Most High inspires us daily. Your friendship, wisdom, encouragement, and willingness to show up here for a read occasionally are priceless treasures. Thank you.

Have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Lynn



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