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Welcome to the Kingdom Assignment

Introduction of our Assignment letter: Greetings: Servant of the Most High

I have an assignment for you that will change your life. A Kingdom Assignment. Before you say no, before you tell me you’re too busy, too untrained, or too ill equipped to handle one more assignment, think about this:

If you accept this assignment, you will take a small amount of money and increase it up to a hundredfold or more. You will have the means to help countless people – some with food and clothing, others with medicine or the gospel message- and in the process, no matter how much money your investment turns into, no matter how many people you will help, you will walk away with more than what your investment will ever make and more than those you’ve invested in. Interested? ~Denny Bellesi, The Kingdom Assignment

Enclosed is a small amount of money. This money arrives with three conditions. First, this money belongs to God; second, you must invest it in God’s work; and third, you report the results over the next 60 days to the Kingdom Assignment Page at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Thus our assignment was born. Into the mail went envelopes headed for destinations across America, Canada, Mexico, into Europe and reaching Australia.

I realize that our world economy is terrible and there are so many people in need. I know that many find themselves with very little and nothing to share with someone else. But, I also know that we serve an amazing God. When you look around you, always you can find someone worse off than yourself.

This assignment is about loving your neighbor. What little you have can be much to someone else. Take your dollar and offer it to the Lord. Ask Him to multiply it and show you exactly where you are to serve.

A few years ago our church also handed out a dollar one morning in the bulletin. They were given this very assignment. To follow are first person stories of the results of this assignment.

One Sunday you had placed a dollar bill in every bulletin and instructed the congregation to give it away. Since we were visiting I decided to save my dollar and bring it back to Portland, Oregon and give it to a woman that gives meals on Mondays to a large homeless population. I gave her the dollar, explained the story behind it, and told her that whoever she gave the dollar to she was to tell them it came from a southern California church and that God loves them.

We prayed over the dollar and she left to give out meals. All night she kept looking for the right person to give it to and finally near the end of the dinner she gave it to a homeless woman. She told her the story and the woman had tears in her eyes.

Last Monday night when the meals were distributed, that same woman came up and wanted to be baptized. Quite a return on a 1 dollar gift! I am sure you have more stories that confirm the love of Christ, but maybe not one where a dollar from that Sunday went so far away to change a life for eternity.

God bless your ministry.

Okay, this story is phenomenal but the story that truly sticks in my mind was this.

A new believer took her dollar and simply noticed a woman alone. She bought her a cup of coffee. Nothing big. However, this ended up a profound meeting. This woman was lonely. She just wanted another human being to notice her and spend some time talking with her. I burst into tears as our church member told this story to our congregation.

There are so many lonely people. Perhaps our Kingdom Assignment is just to help the lonely. Perhaps it is the beginning of a new world-wide ministry.

Okay, now it is your turn. Big or small. It matters not. It only matters that you followed the Lord’s prompting and became a servant such as the one in Matthew 25: 22-23. Well done good and faithful servant.

I plan to post some of your stories for others to read. Please write to me and leave your story in the comments on this page. God bless you, Lynn

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