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Some of you recently learned I joined my local church staff. I have worked in the office a total of 2 ½ days. But, Whoa! My eyes have been opened.

I know many of us who live in unequally yoked marriages often are angry that our church does nothing specific to address our specific struggles. I know for a long time I felt isolated and condemned to non-service just because my husband was not a believer. This may be true for you today. I will tell you this. It is wrong and I am sorry your church has limited you because their spouses don’t believe.

I am fortunate my church is not hung up on this issue and considers me able to contribute to equipping the women in our body.

Okay, but back to my point. I have only worked less than a total of 10 hours and I have seen enough to change my perspective. What the leadership of a church must deal with is enormous and far-reaching. Divorce, child abuse, drug addiction, spiritual warfare, one church member mad at another. The list is long and….. disturbing.


Tomorrow is Pastor Appreciation Day. I don’t care if you have to drive to the store and purchase a card or make one from paper and crayons, give a card to your pastor and one-other staff member in ministry at your church.

Forgive them for being human. Offer them love and support.

For more ideas on how to encourage your pastor, click on this link to Christianity Today.

Be blessed, Lynn


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