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Leslie_2Many of you know my youngest daughter (14) was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. Thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging comments you left last Thursday, for the emails, and most importantly for your prayers. I am so very grateful and thankful for this amazing online community here and at 1Peter3Living.

Never did we imagine such an outcome when her headaches increased. What I want to share with you is how God worked in the midst of this before we even knew. He is so very good, and very, very, very faithful.

When her headaches started, we wondered if it was caused by her anxiety over starting high school. This particular school is large and after a year of homeschooling, we thought it might just be a time of adjustment. But then the headaches got worse, and she missed more school. We weren’t sure what to believe.

Go back to the summer. My daughter went on a youth trip to Hume Lake. I’d prayed God would encounter her there in a major way. He did. She even wrote what he told her in the margin of her journal—words of reassurance that he was always with her, looking out for her. And at a Christian writer’s conference in mid September, through the prayers of others, God reassured me he was taking care of my girl.

But about a week before we found out, as I was praying for my daughter, God spoke these words to me:

“Believe her.”

I’ll admit, I wondered at those words and even struggled with them. But then just a few days later, God said, “she’ll be okay.” I knew he was getting me ready for something and that following week, God seemed to constantly 'be there.'

Finally, we had the first MRI done, and when the doctor’s office called the next morning, asking us to come in that day, I knew something was wrong. As we drove there, I turned on the radio (love AIR-1) and “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns came over the airwaves. I’ll never forget that moment because I was at a traffic light, staring at the rolling hills that look like tan suede this time of year. These are the first words I heard of that song:

I lift my eyes up to the hills
Where does my help come from
My help comes from the Lord
Maker of heaven and earth

I knew right away God wanted me to praise him in this storm and remember he would be there all the way.

All this—all before I even walked into the doctor’s office to find out our sweet girl was sick.

Since that day, God has hovered ever so close. A dear friend sent me a link to a song on You Tube. As I listened to it, God said, “I’m here.”

The morning we were to meet with a neurosurgeon, this was in my devotional verse for that day:

“…the Lord will do amazing things among you… This is how you will know that the living God is among you…” — Joshua 3:9-10

So when people ask me how we’re doing, I can only say “fine.” God has us so tightly in his hand, we’ve not had the sense to fear or worry.

We’re not out of the woods yet. Surgery (Wednesday) will be the beginning of an ongoing journey. But I know Leslie will be just fine.

God told me so.

Praying and believing,

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