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Thankful Thursday

I have the stangest praise today.
Most of you know that I lead a Bible study on Wednesdays. Well today is Wednesday and guess what?
My Mother-in-law who was staying with us for a couple of weeks packed up her bags and was headed home to Northern California. My husband's brother packed up the car and set out early this morning to complete the eight-hour drive.
About an hour after they left, I started looking for my book bag which contains my study guide, bible and chocolate. (Chocolate is a must for a womena's Bible study.) Anyhoo, I quickly realized my Bible study was packed up in the car that was on the way to Sacramento.
Okay, I went to Bible study without my stuff. My sweet, unbelieving husband dug up his Bible and brought it to me to take along. You should have seen his face as he offered it to me. Priceless! (That is a story for another day.)
I was really worried I wouldn't have enough information to lead the study. I felt like such a goof showing up and telling my girls that my study was ont he way to Sacramento.
We had the absolute Best study hour WITHOUT the study guide.... Testimonies of God's power were shared! We grew as a group and in the truth of the Bible.
God is so very good. I am praising Him for a Bible Study - without the study - that ROCKED!
Hope your Thursday ROCKS too! Be Blessed, Lynn

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