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Thankful Thursday -

A Day Like today... Can you give thanks?

It is Thankful Thursday. Today is one of those days where you really find out what your faith is made of. It is on days like this you can truly realize who you are and who God is and be brought to your knees with a thankful heart.

One of my closest friends and co-writer here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage, Dineen Miller, spoke to me a few hours ago. An MRI at the hospital detected that her daughter, Leslie, has a brain tumor. The mass sits near/on a gland, which is in the center of her brain.

How do you give thanks in moments like this? This is what Dineen just wrote in an email:

Amazingly, God is so here.

He has been for the last two weeks. Over a week ago when I prayed for Leslie, feeling helpless to get her well and back to school. My husband and I have both struggled with how much we push her. Was it school avoidance or was she sick. God told me "believe her." Three nights ago He said, "She'll be okay."

Dineen is leaning on our Lord and she told me today she has a calm about this. This is the power of God! Right here! Right now!

Tomorrow the family will meet a neurosurgeon at noon. They will scan this mass to determine exactly what it is. I humbly ask everyone who reads this to pray for one minute at noon tomorrow for Dineen, Leslie and Dineen’s husband.

God has his hand in these lives. There is something to be accomplished here. Pray that His will is accomplished and this family is protected in the very palm of the Master.

Can we be thankful in the difficulties of life? Ask Dineen. Her answer – a resounding YES! – because we know God.

Today I sign off using Dineen’s words: Praying and believing, Lynn

If you would like to leave a prayer for Dineen, please do so in the comments and I will make certain she receives them. Thank you.

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