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Love Your Neighbor -
Kingdom Assignment

Thankful Thursday

As I type these words, I am humbled by the goodness of our God. I thank Him for watching over Dineen and Leslie. Scroll down to read their story.

I am thankful that I ran 15 miles last week and I am on schedule to complete my training for the half marathon in January. What was I thinking? I don’t know but I am really into this running thing… Go figure..

Mostly, I am thankful the Lord is teaching me about what it really means to love my neighbor.

Tomorrow, I invite you to join me in a very unique and first time event in our online history. We are going to impact our world through loving our neighbor. Who is our neighbor? How can we really impact our sphere of influence?

Stop by here tomorrow if you are up for an adventure you will never forget. Your kids will always remember it. Your life will be changed by it. If you are praying for unbelievers in your life, they will witness first hand what it means to see love in action – in you. Loving people like Jesus loves. I can’t wait.. I tell you… I just can’t wait.

I am a humble and thankful servant. I love each of you who spend your valuable time here with me. Thank you! Your friendship is a rich and eternal blessing. Be Blessed, Lynn

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