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On The Edge and Knee Deep in the Hoopla!

-Part Deux

Wow, I guess I am not the only one who is thinking about the implications of Edgy Christianity. Many of you have offered your thoughts. You have also shared you passion about this phenomenon currently swirling about in our faith media. To read the original post, click here.

This subject sure can rile up the Godly on the internet. In fact, I know a few of you have been motivated to research and write about this topic yourself. I can’t wait to read Iris’ post at Grace Alone tomorrow.

Can I first say that your words and your perspective have enthralled me.

Secondly, this subject has also stirred an interest in my husband. He read Monday’s post and all the comments. Interesting. I’m not sure what to think about that? I'm not sure he kows what to think about it.

I also talked with one the pastors from my church. Our leadership can sometimes be edgy. (Not always a bad thing… here I go again) His thoughts about this very subject were unexpected and also enlightening.

But today, as I sat in the church office working, a conversation developed regarding the Emergent Church. Okay, I must be living under a rock. What is the emergent church and what is it all about. Somehow does this all tie up together?

What is also fascinating is this: Why is God is bringing all this info to me in a crash course beginning last weekend at the writer’s conference and now…. well… everywhere and everyday from different people and sources.

Monday I went to Barns and Nobel and pickup two of the books listed on Monday’s post. I read them praying for discernement and with my Bible at my side.

I am overwhelmed with the countering strong passionate beliefs in our own Christian community over these books and the Emergent Church.

What I KNOW to be true is this: God is God. The Bible is His word and that is that. Period the end. But why all the controversy among His people?

So, write me. What is the emergent church? Are Christian Publishers putting forth these books into our Community because God wants to reach people the church has alienated?

More importantly how does this look or affect non-believers… my husband?

Can’t wait to hear from you…. Be Blessed, Lynn

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