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The little boy shimmied off the tall bed down between Mom and Dad. He glanced over. Mom’s hands were folded together and resting on the quilt. Her eyes stayed closed as she leaned against the bed, crouching on her knees. A quick glance to the other side revealed
Daddy. His eyes were also closed, patiently waiting. He covertly watched Daddy from the corner of his eye and noticed Dad popped one eye open watching him settle into place. Daddy grinned as he finally settled on his knees.

Squeezing tiny eyes shut, the small boy spoke in a clear voice, “Dear Lord, please make all the bad people, good.

And Jesus please make all the good people, kind.”


Conditional or Unconditional… On the Edgy and Edgy…. Emerging and Finding.

Over the past few weeks the Lord set me on a path to reveal a few character issues I didn’t believe belonged to me. I began this journey a couple of weeks ago with a post regarding the newest books in the Christian book world. (read the original post, On The Edge…. click here)

The next thing to hit was a crash course on the Emergent Church. (click here)

The readers here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage – YOU- just amaze and inspire me in so many ways. I read each of your comments with an open heart. I found wisdom and much passion behind your words. You love Jesus and your ultimate purpose is to follow Him and honor His name.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord along side you. If you have written a post on these subjects, I plan to stop over next week to finish my reading. Can you leave me a link?

God is incredible. This journey culminated with a message this past Sunday from the pulpit. Pastor Greg, from Sunridge Community Church, delivered words written just for me. Or at least they seemed to be.

His message: Loving God is Not Enough…

Once again….Whoa!

“Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?”

Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.” --Matthew 22:36-40

Pastor Greg put forth an observation from all his years in ministry. “I have observed at every church I have pastored over many years a truth about those who have been believers for years. They travel down one of two paths. Some become very knowledgeable, maybe a tiny bit self-righteous. Of course, they don’t think they have everything figured out but compared to the guy sleeping in on Sunday morning they are doing pretty good. They may be a little less loving and a little more judgmental. They can be some of the most unkind people in the church.”

Pastor Greg went on to say, “Then there are others who move down the path of living and become more loving. They love people. No matter who they are. How stinky, disgusting, or uncomforting.”

The good, bad and ugly. As I sat listening to Pastor Greg’s experience, I squirmed. If I am honest with myself, I can be judgmental. Ouch!

God met me on Sunday morning, as I was squirming in my seat, my face turning pink under the scrutiny of self-examination. The Lord said to me, “Lynn, I KNOW you love me. But loving me is not enough. I want you to love people, practically, with an earnest heart.”

“Begin today to see all people as I see them. Your neighbors, the girl covered in tattoos working the coffee machine at Starbucks, the idiot driver who is oblivious to everyone else on the road, your husband who does not know me yet. Lynn, I love them. I love them as I love you. Now, you go and love them too.”

I will Lord, I will. Father, forgive me for being judgmental and a bit prideful. Help me to see unbelievers and all people through your eyes and Lord, teach me to love them. Lord, from this day forward help me to show kindness to people, all people. In Jesus name, Amen

To hear the entire message from Pastor Greg Sidders, click here.

Be Blessed, Lynn

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