Weekend Devotion—Resolving Conflict (Part 2)
A God of the Little Things

My First Video Cast.

I hope it doesn't freak you out!

Hi, I don't know what I was thinking.. I can't share our Kingdom Assignment today. It would spoil all the fun. I don't think your envelopes will arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday. I feel really bad that I told you we would launch this great adventure today. So, I finally thought I would post my first video cast. This is a five minute video in poor lighting and poor visual quality but it is my short story about why I started this blog and about how God showed up in a big way in my marriage. I hope it doesn't freak you out to finally hear my voice and see my face. I know sometimes it is weird for me to hear people I have corresponded with. Without further ado.... Friday is our launch date. Stop in here for some great ideas to begin your Kingdom Assignment. Be blessed, Lynn
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