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Thankful Thursday

In Pursuit of the Pink Wig

Leslie_2My daughter has instructed the surgeon to shave off all her hair for her surgery Wednesday. I was surprised. He grinned and said to give the girl anything she wanted.

She wants a light pink wig, long and without bangs. We've begun the search. Oddly, this pink wig is turning into a kind of symbol of our journey. We know there's one out there somewhere, but it ultimately comes down to perseverance and persistence, waiting and trusting.

Just like this journey we're on. Leslie and I have the peace of knowing God's in control of the whole thing. Yet we keep moving, striving to reach the next step as whole and balanced as we can. Knowledge and understanding alleviate the fears and give purpose. Hiding in the unknown leaves us vulnerable and fearful.

Keep moving. Keep looking for that pink wig. Keep looking upward.

We spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready this past weekend, and mainly cleaning her room thoroughly. It's been quite messy and dirty lately. Not a good environment for someone soon to undergo radiation and chemo. Now it's clean and organized. Funny how just doing simple things like cleaning your house can take on special meaning and purpose.

Just another step on the road, in pursuit of the pink wig. And healing.
Praying and believing,


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