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Thankful Thursday

A God of the Little Things

Hello dear friends! I can't tell you how happy I am to be with you today. We are home from the hospital. Leslie's recuperation from her surgery has amazed everyone. God is so good!

I want to share a post I did at our site at, which is an awesome site for those in medical situations like ours to stay in contact with updates to family and friends. We know we serve a great big God, but did you know he's a God of the little things too?

From October 25th...

OilverEarlier today while we were still in the ICU, I was looking through the movie and game closet near the nurses' station for something to get Leslie's mind off her discomfort. She didn't like my selection but said she wanted to watch Oliver and Company.

I went looking again, praying that if they had it that I'd actually find it in the chaos of this closet, but they didn't have it. I checked the hospital library list but didn't see it there either. Then I logged onto iTunes, but they only had the soundtrack. Finally I called a dear friend who'd planned to come up with another dear friend later in the day. Yes! She had it on VHS. We were in business.

Fast forward a few hours. Leslie is sent up to a room. We get settled in and enjoy the peace of a quiet room. Leslie finally sleeps for a while. My friends arrive with the movie as well as an array of DVDs for Leslie to look through.

After Leslie ate dinner, she asked to watch the movie. Her dad popped in a tape already sitting on the machine. I told him that wasn't the right tape—it was resting on Leslie's tray. He ejects the movie and guess what?

It was Oliver and Company. The movie was already here, in the VHS machine for her side of the room. Chills ran up my arms, and my friends and I looked at each other in amazement.

How like God to be in the little things—to provide a movie for a 14 year old girl recovering from brain surgery?

I am in awe of this great big God of ours. Again, he shows me how faithful he is. Even in the littlest of things.

I'm so excited to be a part of the Kingdom Assignment. Next week I will tell you a story of how my family and I became the subject of such an assignment between a complete stranger and a dear friend. Again, I proclaim, God is so good!

Praying, believing, and rejoicing!

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