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953185_hourglassOne particular day in which I was complaining about waiting (ok, I moaned and groaned), God reminded me that David was chosen to be king, yet he had to wait 14 years to take this position. And not just waiting, but running for his life, fighting battles, and baffled by King Saul's vacillating behavior.

We don't have a complete and detailed picture of David's ordeal, but what is recorded depicts a man who seemed constantly aware of his humble position and his desperate need for God. I'd dare say the first is what made the second possible.

David didn't seem to doubt God for long, nor did he bemoan his circumstances. For the most part. And neither did he question God's plan. He simply served God to the best of his ability in the current circumstances. He may have had moments of despair, but judging by the Psalms he invariably came back around to praising God and casting his fears aside.

Nor did David remain inactive during his time of waiting, using God's promise of kingship as an excuse. This really got me to thinking. Did I use my husband's unbelief as an excuse to not participate in church activities? Did I hide behind his atheism to protect myself from ridicule? Is it his lack of faith that holds me back or myself?

I don't quite have complete answers to those questions. In some ways, I believe there may be some truth to each one. And in light of that I've decided I want to be more proactive, like David, believing and serving the body of Christ during this time of waiting.

God told me recently in that most quite voice of his, "Trust me to sustain you." Those words have continued to pierce my spirit over and over again in conviction. "Yes, Lord, I will trust you, for however long it will take."

My God will sustain me.
Praying and believing,

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