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Weekend Devotion—My Lord Speaks My Name

The Chronicles of the Donovan Clan

Hot Salsa and Scripture! What a Hoot!

Okay, I have another story from the Donovan clan. I sure hope my stories don't bore you but sometimes I just can't hold them in. I see Jesus all over place pursuing my man in amazing ways. You should have heard him earlier in the week when I was telling him about some of stuff going on in ministry. He looked at me and said, "The Bible is the basis of all Christianity, it is not up for debate or sideways interpretation…. Period… The end."

I stood and stared at him completely speechless. And you all know that is a rare thing for me to be speechless!!

I finally closed my mouth and said to him, "I can't wait until you become a Christian because you are really going to be good at it." We both grinned.

Okay but that is not the story. Today at lunch I was telling him about a little prank my teen daughter wants to play on our neighbors. It's all in good fun and harmless. However, my husband surprised me and said, "I don't like this idea and I don't want you to give her permission."

He left me sitting there feeling a tad more than sheepish as he went to the salsa bar for a refill of the hottest stuff on the planet. (If his nose is runnin', he's a happy man).Salsa

He comes back to the table and before I can say, You are right and I am sorry. He says to me, "What's that scripture verse that says women should obey their husbands."

Okay, I had to laugh out loud!

This is so unlike my husband to object to something so strongly and secondly, he was quoting scripture. Hilarious!

We both started to giggle and I can tell you my daughter will not be toilet papering the neighbors. ( now my nose was running. *giggle*)

We laughed about it all the way home from Rubios.

Anyway, every week in all kinds of ways, God pushes at the door of my husband's soul. What an amazing God we serve. I am so fortunate to watch it all play out. What a ride.

Hope you are seeing our Lord at work in your life this very day. Praying for many of you and especially our community as a whole. Love you bunches, Lynn

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