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Thankful Thursday -

A Question for You.

Fantasy Football Update: A few weeks ago I posted about joining a Fantasy Football League. God told me in the bathroom to spend quality and recreational time with my husband by joining Fantasy Football. Say what? (Read the story here)

Well last weekend was the team draft. What’s a draft? My question exactly. Good thing my twenty-something son is my partner. Well Sunday morning arrived and it was my turn to pick. Of course, I was at church (don’t I sound righteous here, sorry). In my absence, my helpful husband drafted a player for me.

I returned from church to discover my husband’s treachery. Need I remind you I am competing against this man? I proceeded to yell at him at least five different times for picking, should we say, a less than desirable candidate (frown face). Nfl

Later, I grinned at him with a sheepish look, “Sorry honey. I think this was supposed to be fun.” Sheesh! I could have kicked myself five times. Good thing my man is amazingly forgiving.

I wonder if I could be a tad bit competitive? Hmmmm.

Anyway our first game is tomorrow. So I have one question.


Thankful for FALL and FOOTBALL this Thursday. Love you my Thankful Thursday gals. Thanks for stopping in here today.

Hope you have a wonderful football season. Break out the chips and salsa and have some fun with your man. Hugs, Lynn

PS. I sure hope John Elway wins *grin.*Denver_broncos_logo

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