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Thankful Thursday - Beth Moore and BFFs

This week I am overwhelmed with thanks for so many things. But, I am especially thankful to the Lord for Women’s Bible study at our church. I took a year off from leading a study group to work on some writing projects and boy howdy, did I ever miss it.

I am thankful God faithfully selects absolutely the right women for our group. I am amazed year-after-year and yet shouldn’t be.

I am thankful these women are hungry for Jesus because I am hungry for Jesus.

I am thankful for the vulnerability and willingness to share their lives. It is when we are authentic that real healing and growth occur.Bbs

I am thankful for the lunches that follow. We laugh for an hour and a half. Sometimes so loud I thought I would pee my pants and scare the other customers.

I praise God for Beth Moore. Need I say more?

I am THANKFUL and humble.

Hope you find yourself in a Bible study this fall. I wish you were in my group. Love all of you, my Thankful Thursday gals, so very much. Be Blessed, Lynn

PS. I am starting a new and kind of different set of posts tomorrow. I have watched God pound on the door of my husband’s heart now for years. Sometimes God’s pursuit of my man is so fantastic I stand back and watch dumb founded. I have been sharing these stories at 1Peter3Living but now feel led to share them with you. Please stop back tomorrow if you can. It is so cool to see how God reveals Himself to unbelievers.

Sometimes I can’t even believe it!


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