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A Visit.... and then a really Great Question.

When we walk the road of the Spiritually Mismatched it can be a lonely walk. We can feel emotionally abandoned by our spouse and forgotten by God.

I want to you to know we often don’t know how to see God moving in our lives. We don’t know how to watch Jesus as He pursues our unbelieving spouse.

In the past year I have watched as God has pounds on the door of my husband’s heart. I learned how to percieve God's hand moving in a situation. I am a front-row spectator in the best drama in the most fantastic adventure and grand story ever told.

What I think would be fun and encouraging is to share what I see. So, from time-to-time I plan to post a new story in the Chronicles of the Donovan Clan. I usually share these stories at 1Peter3Living. They are written usually in the moment and in a very casual style. I hope they inspire you to watch what the Lord is doing all around you and especially in the lives your lost loved ones.

The following story was originally posted at 1Peter3Living on August 26, 2008:

Hi Everyone:

I want to share with you what just happened here at home. I hope this little post doesn't offend anyone.

Just a few minute ago a team of Jehovah's Witness, rang the doorbell. My tiny, tiny office has a window next to the front door so the men spied me sitting at my computer. I was caught and had to open the door.

So, I went to the door and they pushed two magazines at me and mumbled something about Global Warming. Then I spied the watchtower magazine. They asked me if I would read them. I smiled politely and answered, "Probably not." Then handed them back. They said something like, "Well, at least you're honest." I thought that was funny-strange reply.

Okay, but the story is not about that. I returned to my office and my husband came in. He stood in the hall. My office is in a cubby in the hallway. My husband is home this week instead of traveling.

He looks at me and says, "Didn't you used to date a Jehovah's Witness? Why do they feel the need to come by constantly and annoy people with their visits." -His words… not mine.

(I did date a Jehovah Witness in my teen years much to the fear and anxiety of my Mother. I learned a great deal about their practices.)

So, I explained that JW are taught they must earn their way into heaven. They do this by making visits as well as other service stuff. They are compelled to serve this way and the church checks up on their parishioners to make sure they are visiting. At least they did at the time I was dating this guy.

I looked at my husband and said, "Did you know that every other religion teaches that people must earn their way to heaven. Only Christianity teaches that eternity with God is a gift. That is what sets Christianity and Jesus apart from every other faith."Question_mark

He said, "No I did not realize that."

This truth is profound when you realize just how different our faith is from every other faith in the world.

Isn't it COOL that our eternity is not up to us but up to Jesus? I am blown away!

Wonder what my husband will do with this bit of info? I love how the Lord orchestrates things around my house. I am looking forward to the next unexpected visit to the Donovan’s.

Have a blessed day and REJOICE. Our eternity is bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus. We don't have to earn it. Amen


I see God revealing truth to my man in all kinds of circumstances. Almost weekly the Lord is active in the most outrageous and interesting ways. Stay tuned next Friday for what happened at the Salsa bar.

Be blessed, Lynn

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