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Conditional? OR Unconditional?

Last Monday everyone had a chance to vote. Wow, many of you did. You also added your wisdom to this discussion and backed it up with scripture. I am blessed to know each of you who voted. Also, thank you for adding your thoughts and scripture verses.

The question of debate: Is God’s Love Conditional or Unconditional? As believers we are certain of the answer and I think the scripture verses you left in comments unequivocally confirms God loves us unconditionally. But…….

Last Sunday I asked my unbelieving spouse this same question. Listen in….

“Honey, Pastor Greg had a great question during church today. Is God's love conditional or unconditional?” I looked up from chopping peppers and onions for the omelet I was making for brunch. Side note: An omelet and NFL Football on a Sunday morning is close to heaven.

For most of us in an unequally yoked marriage, asking our spouse a question about Sunday services can be as fun as a root canal. I held my breath, ready, come what may.

“God’s love is conditional.”

I stared. Not sure how to respond. I am always surprised that my husband has contemplated matters of the Bible. He continued, “Lynn, you have to love God back.”


(I think this guy actually read the Bible)

“God, wants to be loved and He wants obedience. If you don’t, you will not go to heaven. You go to purgatory or whatever you call it. That's conditional.” – Okay, his words… Keepin’ it real.

I didn’t have a response. A week later, I still don’t. Is he right? Is he wrong?

Looking forward to your wise thoughts and scriptures.

Let’s meet here again next Monday and see where this conversation is taking us. Can’t wait. Be blessed, Lynn

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