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Thankful Thursday -

A Birthday, An Announcement, A Prayer Request

This is a very special Thankful Thursday for me. I am so humbled and thrilled to share some exciting news. I am joining the staff of our church, Sunridge Community Church. I will be helping my friend Pam in Women’s Ministry. If any of you have read my Bio you know I have been involved in Women’s Ministries, Bible Study, for years. It was in this Bible Study where God met me and placed my marriage on a path of healing.

What you don’t know is the amazing history Pam and I share. Pam and I met in Las Vegas. She and I were in the management-training program within the bank where we both worked. She was training in Operations and I, in Lending. We were great friends and loved the same clothes. Pam is a smart dresser and a fantastic banker. What I find fascinating is the time in which we met was I was smack in the middle of my prodigal years and she was unsaved.

Our career paths changed a few years later and I moved to California.

Fast-forward two or three years, I run into Pam at our local Southern California, Target. “Pam, what are you doing in Temecula?”

She also moved to Temecula and we renewed our friendship. A coincidence? Not! All these eight years later she and I are now madly in love with Jesus. More amazing still, we will serve Him together at the same church and are teaming up to serve the women in this body of believers.

Don’t ever discount past friendships because we don’t know how or why God brings people into our lives. I am amazed, further still, that God would take me, this broken and messed up girl, and use me in any way to serve His Kingdom. For this I don’t have adequate words to express my thankfulness. Jesus, I am nothing without you!

I have been telling Pam about our amazing online community. I want to share all of you with her. So, would you leave us a quick prayer asking for the Lord to cover our ministry efforts at our Church so that everything we do would honor Jesus.

Thank you my friends.

Now, I wonder how and when we will meet? Our friendship is eternal in spite of the fact we have never met face-to-face.

Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday and thank you for praying for us. Be blessed, Lynn


I adore you and I am celebrating your day this Saturday. May it be filled with love notes from our Savior.

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