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Kid's and Everyday Faith

A couple of Friday’s back I wrote a post about our kids going back to school. I talked about ways we can impact our children’s lives with Jesus. Today, I have a few more suggestions I hope will inspire.

Original Post: Kid’s are abandoning their Faith (click here).

The idea is to begin some new habits which brings faith into their daily lives. School is beginning for most of the nation in the next few weeks. This is a perfect time to make a few visible changes to inspire and connect with our kids and our Lord.

Kids and parents are stressed out the first week of school. To enjoy a successful morning the first week of school begins, get ready the night before.

  • Fill the backpack.
  • Lay out clothing- including shoes
  • If the kids plan to buy lunch or even just milk, organize envelopes with the correct amount of money for each child. Put them in the backpack.
  • Add a note to your child’s lunch or backpack.

    This last item is crucial. You can change a child’s entire day when she opens up her lunch and sees a note from Mom. Even if they are kids in Middle School and High School.

    I sent notes with jokes in grade school in my daughter's lunch. She would be surprised by the riddles and just fun nonsense. She passed them around the lunch table and I always included an ~ I love you. Include a scripture verse one day. I now print off stories that are age appropriate and stuff them in the lunch sack. She STILL passes those around just like she used to pass the jokes.

    There are a ton of clean jokes and riddles that make kids laugh available on the Internet. Such as:

    What are dog biscuits made from? Collie flour

    Why can't you tell a cow a secret? Because it goes in one ear and out the udder!

    When my daughter was eight, I told her she was my cuddle fish. For weeks I would hug her and say, “My little cuddle fish.” She would gush and smile.

    Then one day I put a picture of a cuttlefish in her lunch and wrote, My little cuttlefish. She didn’t think it was so cute. My daughter and I still laugh about the cuttlefish in the lunch today and she is thirteen years old.Cuttlefish

    Building memories.. Building connections…

    While you are writing a note to your kids, slip a note into your husband’s lunch or briefcase.

    What a great surprise on the first day of school! Be blessed, Lynn

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